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Banking and Treasury Services

Efficient banking and cash related activities enhance your company's ability to operate efficiently on a daily basis, and respond to changes in your business environment. We provide a full range of banking and treasury related services to increase revenue and minimize costs.

Cash Management: Our short-term cash management, forecasting and investment solutions provide your organization the resources it needs to operate smoothly.

  • Systems analysis
  • Fee Structure
  • Daily cash flow optimization
  • Optimizing the investment of cash surplus

Credit and Collections:  The optimal Accounts Receivable is an asset that contains credit worthy customers with the lowest possible balances.  Our objective is to provide a solution that minimizes portfolio risk while maximizing revenue by offering effective credit line strategies.

  • Evaluation/Implementation of credit policy and procedures
  • Deduction management
  • Customer and market evaluation
  • DSO improvement strategies
  • Software selection and implementation

Bank Financing:  The focus is to optimize working capital and overall liquidity.  Growth, changing business requirements, and many other factors affect the need for analysis and adjustment to these vital areas.  Achieve can become your partner in the banking and financing environment.  We have hands-on experience in negotiating and funding over $1 billion in bank financing utilizing various structures including special purpose companies and asset backed facilities.

  • Working Capital needs and performance analysis
  • Transaction structure/analysis
  • Terms, Conditions, and Fee negotiations
  • Credit facility development/management
  • Bank facility forecasting/projections

Other Financing Alternatives:  As experienced executives, we provide guidance and solutions to the long-term financing needs of your organization.  We have hands-on experience in marketing, negotiating and funding over $500 million in private placement debt financing, $300 million in public debt financing and over $200 million in public equity financing.

  • Capital structure analysis
  • Long-term debt
  • Equity
  • Public vs Private markets
  • Deal structure
  • Due diligence
  • Roadshow presentation development

Insurance/Risk Management:  Protecting assets with the proper coverage is essential.  We will examine your assets, risks and current levels of insurance coverage.

  • Risk profile development
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Negotiation/implementation
  • Currency and commodity hedging strategies

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